November 15, 2012

Rick Scott's Hand is Forced as the Deadline for Florida's Health Insurance Exchange Decision Approaches its Final Hours

With less than a day to go before Florida Governor Rick Scott must decide whether Florida will create its own health insurance exchange for the uninsured or have the government create an exchange for the state, Scott is open to compromise.

Governor Scott, a former hospital CEO, has been one of the major critics of the Affordable Health Act and it seems as though his hand is being forced. Just one week after Florida voted to elect President Obama and voted against the constitutional amendment to make it more difficult to implement the ACA, Scott drops his opposition and moves to negotiate.

So far 17 states, mostly led by Democrats, have announced their decision to create their own exchange. Republicans who support the decision to have states create their own exchange, say that states should be allowed to make these decisions and that, while they don't agree with the program, allowing the government to have control would be a shrewder move. Although the Republican Governors Association has requested an extension, the deadline remains November 16th.

In light of Governor Scott’s decision to negotiate, it seems reasonable to assume he will opt to create a health insurance exchange for the state's uninsured rather than allow the government to create an exchange for Florida. Tomorrow’s decision is just another hurdle for the healthcare industry as the ACA continues to slowly roll out major change affecting the industry.

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