January 16, 2014

Steven D. Brownlee, MBA, MD, Esq. Joins Chapman Law Group

Dr. Brownlee joins Chapman Law Group's health law practice as a physician-attorney. His experience in medicine, medical management consulting, and the practice of law makes him a valuable asset to the firm's health law practice and clients.

Dr. Steven D. Brownlee’s professional career spans ten years in a variety of fields including the practice of medicine in Pittsburgh, PA, medical management consulting, and the practice of law with a concentration in healthcare. Steven’s prior experience and training as a physician and medical management consultant makes him ideally suited as a healthcare attorney.

Steven’s education and work experience makes him ideally suited to assist all healthcare professionals in the areas of professional licensing, Medicare/Medicaid issues, DEA issues, medical management, medical malpractice, physician contracts, and virtually all issues facing the modern healthcare professional. Steven’s knowledge of medical diagnosis and treatment combined with his legal expertise make him a formidable advocate for his clients.

Throughout Steven’s career he worked with healthcare professionals and is continually impressed with the commitment, dedication and sacrifices that healthcare professionals make on a daily basis. Steven puts forth the same commitment, dedication and sacrifice into the practice of law defending the rights of healthcare professionals. Steven’s primary practice is in the areas of professional licensing, physicians’ contracts, medical malpractice defense, and all issues relating to healthcare.

For more information about Steven D. Brownlee, MBA, MD, Esq., visit www.chapmanlawgroup.com

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